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iSIGN Media Announces Exclusive Reseller for Panama and Immediate Commercial Installations

Panama Business. iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves brands, commercial locations, retailers and service providers throughout North America, announces that its exclusive reseller in Panama, E3 Solutions S.A. ("E3") has completed their first installations of Smart Antennas, starting with Stevens' department stores, the first one located in Albrook Mall, Panama City.

The principals of E3 attended iSIGN's office in Richmond Hill on April 20/21 to conclude their reseller agreement ("Agreement") and for training. Under the terms of the 36 month Agreement, E3 purchased the first 15 Smart Antennas for immediate delivery and committed to a minimum purchase of an additional 330 units from November 2015.

Stevens is a department store chain of 18 outlets in Panama, with the majority of the stores being in excess of 10,000 square meters in size. Albrook Mall is the 13th largest shopping mall in the world as well as the largest in Latin America. The installations will be used to provide immediate metrics to both store management as well as brands. E3's intention is to target all commercial malls and retailers after fine tuning messaging in order to provide optimum ROI for both the retailers and brands.

"We were very pleased to be approached by E3," stated Mr. Alex Romanov, iSIGN's Chief Executive Officer. "They are a young aggressive company, who thoroughly understand the many strengths of our technology and their advantages over Beacons and apps."

"Panama has a very vibrant, growing economy and as a major tourist and commerce destination that has a global audience for iSIGN technology vastly greater than its 3.6 million population," added Mr. Romanov. "E3 will be our lead to major expansion into South America."

iSIGN is currently in various stages of negotiations with six other potential resellers, located in various parts of the world and continues to receive requests on a daily basis. Most of these requests have come to iSIGN as businesses realize the imperfections of Beacons with their apps and download requirements and needs for individuals to surrender personal information.

"The use of resellers is very advantageous to us, in that it effectively gives us experienced sales reps and support structure, with existing client bases who are already familiar with the resellers and their staff," stated Mr. Romanov. "Our resellers effectively provide us with a sales staff throughout the world and are very cost effective."