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Panama Elected to World Trade Centers Association Board of Directors

Panama Business. Remy Swaab, executive director of World Trade Center Panama (WTC Panama), gains important seat for Latin America on international board.

World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) headquartered in New York City, USA has elected Remy Swaab of WTC Panama to its board of directors. The 2015 election represented the best participation rate since the Association implemented an open nomination process. Panama now has a seat on the board of directors which represents 331 members in 92 countries.

“It’s a privilege to participate on the Board and have an opportunity to contribute in shaping the direction of our international association” states Mr. Swaab. He expects to continue to work on improving the WTCA technology backbone. Various initiatives include strengthening its online presence and branding as well as adding support features for the WTCA members and their business members.

Mr. Swaab is the Executive Director of WTC Panama, which operates an important international business center contributing to Panama’s economic and social development. “The strong WTC brand, our mixed use properties and a strategic location within Panama all attest to our continuous success” says Swaab. Mr. Swaab’s background has proven to be one of the cornerstones for this progress.

WTC Panama’s inclusion on the board of directors is a reflection of the strength of Panama’s status within the region and within the WTCA itself. Panama is widely recognized as an important commercial hub for the Americas with substantial facilities, such as WTC Panama, which is used by leading businesses worldwide.

Remy Swaab’s participation with the WTC Panama dates back to the early 1990s. He served as Chairman of its Board of Directors from 2009 to 2012 and as a consultant for the Digital Task Force Committee of the WTCA for the past 5 years. Mr. Swaab holds degrees from the Universidad del Istmo in finance and banking as well as, computer science and systems. He speaks four languages fluently: Spanish, English, French and Dutch.

The WTC Panama is a central hub for companies involved in international trade and provides services that help facilitate economic growth. Its primary mission is to enhance communication and foster a local and international business culture with the goal of promoting international trade.