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Orla Mining Ltd. commenced a drilling program at Cerro Quema in Panama

(Panama Business News) Orla Mining Ltd.  commenced a drilling program at Cerro Quema in Panama
Orla Mining Ltd. has commenced a drilling program at its 100% owned Cerro Quema project in Panama. The initial holes will be targeted on areas proximal to the existing oxide gold resource that have a high potential to host additional resources. Success in this part of drilling program may provide material to incorporate into the current Pre-Feasibility Study mine plan and potentially result in a near-term increase in the estimated Net Present Value of the project.
As well as drilling, a property-wide geological mapping and sampling program is underway and an IP geophysical survey will be undertaken on priority targets in late January and February. This work is expected to provide new drilling targets for high-sulphidation (HS) related gold along a 15km trend identified to date. There is also excellent potential for other styles of mineralization coincident with the HS mineralization on the 14,…

Frontier Digital Ventures increases share participation in Panamá´s

(Panama Business News) Frontier Digital Ventures increases share participation in Panamá´s
With a mission to become the leading operator of online classifieds businesses in frontier markets across the globe, Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV) injected fresh cash into (E24), a strong competitor in the classifieds arena of Central America.
The money will be used to accelerate E24’s monetization and boost its market position against the competition. FDV exercised its option to take up new shares in AG, thereby increasing its stake in E24 from 34.9 percent to 38.7 percent.
The option was exercised after (E24) exceeded key performance indicators, including growth in advertisers, listings, monthly site visits, revenue and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).
FDV made a successful entrance to the Australian Stock Exchange in August. A core focus of the group is to provide funding for investee compani…

Grivalia buys into island project in Panama

(Panama Business News ) Grivalia buys into island project in Panama
Grivalia Properties’ Luxembourg-based subsidiary Grivalia Hospitality SA on Tuesday announced its first investment, which concerns the acquisition of a 60 percent stake in the PearlIsland project in Panama from Dolphin Capital Investors.
The agreed price is 27 million euros in cash, Grivalia stated, of which 1 million has already been disbursed as an advance payment, while another 24 million will be paid upon the completion of the transaction and the remaining 2 million will be deposited in an escrow account for a period of 12 months.
PearlIsland, or Isla Pedro Gonzalez, is one of the biggest private islands of Panama’s Las Perlas Archipelago, with an area of 13.23 square kilometers.
Dolphin Capital Investors Ltd said Tuesday it is selling its interest in a private island development off the coast of Panama at a loss. In addition, Dolphin Capital said it will sell the 60% interest in PearlIsland to Grivalia Hospitality SA…